New Year Background 2


Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh NO!!

Well! Would you look at this!
That's my cowboy husband training his filly, Hasley.

Look how GREAT she's doing!
(This is the first time he's tried to get on her.)

Oh No!
Spoke too soon!
(His feet aren't even in the stirrups.)
So he played buckin' bronco for a minute 'till she spun and ...

... landed here! ):
Oops. Broken wrist.
He also landed on some recently diagnosed bulging discs in his back.
This probably calls for a new MRI.

Won't slow him down though.

He said he would rather end up spending the afternoon in the
emergency room because he was doing something
exciting than just sitting at home on the couch. (:

You Go Cowboy Phil!